A Love so Pure

December 16, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I first met Redd while in search of a tattoo artist to work on my sleeve. I wanted someone who could do legit, high quality watercolor art. I was referred to him by a friend of mine and inquired about his services. He was booked solid. I was devastated by the wait time, but figured he must be really good if I am having to wait this long.

Let me just say though that I’m the type of person who is patient enough to wait in order to get good art especially when it comes to tattoos. I’m super picky about my artists, like suuuuuuuper picky. I research their art, see their commendations, read their reviews, this is a decision I don’t take lightly. I like to make sure that I am getting something legit.

So, I waited for an opening to arrive. I was stoked to finally have more ink on my arm. I found Redd to be an easy-going guy who takes pride in his tattooing. He also has a passion for his beloved fiancé, Andrea or Drey as he so lovingly refers to her.

I didn’t meet Drey on my first visit, at least not in person. I say that because when I finally met her, I felt like I already knew her. As Redd would talk about her constantly. It was truly adorable how everything reminded him of Drey.

Redd would run Netflix in the background while he tattooed and tell me about what him and Drey would watch, how she is in school to become a teacher, that she is incredibly smart and driven. That, she is also really quiet and loves to read.

He would talk about the adventures they had with their puppies and how much fun him and Drey have just being in each other’s company. It was endearing how much love he had in each word he spoke of her.

The day I met Drey it all made sense. They have this unspoken language of love that was the sweetest thing I’ve seen, they clicked.

She was indeed quiet, but I could see that her presence was all Redd needed to be put at ease. She is incredibly easy going, as he described. Her beauty, enchanting and he was right to say that she is a bookworm. I think that is why I liked her, that and she too enjoys crime TV. I mean who doesn’t?

I would later get a few more tattoos from Redd and then my husband Michael would become one of his clients. He had the pleasure of meeting Drey as well.

I would also have the honor of taking Drey’s graduation photos as well. She graduated from St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas and now works as an English Teacher for a Private Catholic School. During our photoshoot I was able to see her admiration he had for Redd. Again, so adorable that I couldn’t help but smile. Each word that she spoke of him was full of love.

Drey and Redd are special people that have a bond like no other. I love seeing their relationship grow and am thankful that they entrusted Michael and I with their photos. It was an enjoyable photoshoot, easy going, just like them. I can’t wait to see where their lives take them!

Cheers to the happy couple!   

Below are some of my favorite pictures from their shoot. A collaboration of mine and Michael’s photos.

Ya’ll I’m so in love with how they came out!


Peace and Love

- Leyda Kanzler




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