New Bride Vibes

December 08, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Now that the wedding bells have settled, the guests have left and decorations put away in their respected keep sake boxes we have had more time to breathe and enjoy married life.

It’s crazy to think that two years of planning went into this celebration that lasted one day….But is it just one day? Or is more than that? Marriage is not one to be celebrated for just that one day right? Marriage is a celebration of eternal love that should be celebrated as that….eternally. Call it the honeymoon-high, but finding the person you are going to ultimately spend the rest of your life should be celebrated everyday!

I don’t know if you have heard the story of the “red string” the string that is supposed to tie us to our soul mate. Some people believe in that, are you one of those? If not that’s ok, however I do believe that there is someone out there for everyone. And whether you believe in the red string that ties two lovers together until they finally make their way to true love or happenstance, love is out there.

Ok maybe I am on this honeymoon-high, but let me! I’ve spent the last two years planning this wedding, dreaming of this perfect day and battling all the headaches that come with it. Trust me ladies and gentlemen planning a wedding isn’t’ some Nicholas Sparks fairy tale dream. Oh no! But I can confidently say that it was completely worth it. I mean after all this is till death do us part people.

In all honesty I really appreciate Michael sticking it out with me during all of this. I’m sure it wasn’t easy but he was a champ as all grooms are when their brides are trying to make everything perfect for that magical walk down the aisle. That’s where we shine, that moment where we get to be a princess and walk towards the one we are able to marry. That to me made it all worth it. That and finally having our union blessed before God. I believe that is what made this feel more real to me, more faithful and sincere.

I must confess, while some brides may have cried I laughed so much that day. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing, laughing so much on your wedding day. No tears, not even when Dad and were about to make the grand entrance into the church. I was happy, excited, and thrilled that this day had finally come and that this would be our celebration of love everlasting. Wow…I just brought on the sap hard core on that one.

Here’s my message: To all the brides that are in the planning phase, the end is closer than you think and soon you’ll be spinning around the dance floor enjoying your new married life. To all those that are searching for the one to sweep them off their feet….you’ll find that one when you least expect it and it’ll be magical. Don’t settle for anything less than butterflies; I truly believe that.


Peace and Love,

-Leyda Kanzler 


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