Little Brother

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That kid… not a kid anymore.

That kid…. has grown into a respectable young man.

That kid…..has made a difference in the world.

That kid… my baby brother and he’s about to graduate high school.


Who knew that when I was 10 another little Ocasio would be added to the family tree; it was a pleasant surprise indeed. Who knew that I would become so close to this kid, I didn’t, we are a decade a part which seemed like a whole world of difference but somehow we ended up being closer than ever. I suppose between giving him baths as a baby, diaper changes and playing with him on the floor he eventually grew on me.

Luke A. Ocasio was an incredibly adorable baby and and even more so, he was a picky eater. I swear he would eat hotdogs all day, every day if you let him. Bath time was his favorite because he dumped all his toys in the tub. Granted, it took him nearly half an hour to actually get him in the tub because he kept wanting to bring in every toy he owned. But nevertheless he has been a joy to be around and it’ll be hard to see him off to college.

I had the privilege to take his senior portraits. Lately we haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together because of our conflicting schedules, that made today extra special. It also happened to be Dedication Day at Stephen F. Austin High School, a school that has educated 3 generations of our family.

Luke’s Senior year was one for the books, not only did he get accepted into the University of Texas at San Antonio, he also earned his Eagle Scout Award in Boy Scouts which is a prestigious honor. He is now one of three in my family to earn that rank. I can’t tell you how proud I am of him. All of this made deploying during his senior year incredibly hard. I was lucky enough to FaceTime in when he received his letterman jacket. Yay for technology!

But this kid is something else really, he sent me numerous pieces of his own art just so I could have some reminders of home and to not make deployment so mundane. I meant the world to me that he took the time to even send me something beautiful to hang up in my makeshift office.

These pictures of Luke indeed show how much he has grown. He’s become a humble, dedicated, loving young man; devoted to his faith he has paved the way into a future that is so bright you need sunglasses to see.

Luke we are all proud of you and your accomplishments; you’ve come a long way and there are no signs of you slowing down yet. Keep the momentum and keep on making a difference in the world.

Love you always!


Peace and Love,

-Leyda Kanzler



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