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Have you ever had a friend that you connected with on levels so deep that it was unreal? Like no matter what was going on in your life, the other person was going through something similar and could relate to you everything that you are feeling? I know that seems kind of odd, like how can someone possibly relate to you on that many levels? Or experience the exact same thing as you? Trust me I’ve tried to make sense of it, but I’ve come to realize that it’s all in God’s plan to introduce us to people that are truly meant to change your life for the better.

Because my relationship with Katrina is exactly like that. For as long as I’ve known her, we have had this uncanny connection of always being able to relate to one another. It’s something that we can’t explain, but honestly does it even matter? I feel this is God’s gift to us, a gift of friendship. 

Now we say that our friendship began with gummy bears and cranberries. They were our staple and our point of connection for many adventures, especially in the Army ROTC program in college. She was, and still is my BB (battle buddy) the one I go to when I need an unbiased view on a situation. She’s the one that will sit and watch reruns of The Office with me. She will answer my calls even if I’m on the other side of the world and its 2 am in Texas, and now she’s my Maid of Honor. I couldn’t be more thrilled that she continues to be part of my life and is part of my wedding. Honestly she has made this whole process a seamless dream. Many times I have called her to vent or plan and she has been there every step of the way to be an incredible support.

In life you have people that you lean on, those you know you can go to for anything. People that, no matter the distance, no matter the time, no matter what has happened; will be there for you ready to fight, cry, laugh and chill at a moments notice. Those are the type of people that you need to hold on to. Those are the ones worth keeping.

I find myself lucky to have people like that in my life and more so, I am truly blessed to have Katrina Cromwell in my life. In a friendship of 10 years, we have experienced some challenging and exhilarating times together. From the nights out in Corpus Christi to having to say goodbye as one leaves for military obligations, we have continued to stand by each other. She was the first person that took me in when I moved to Kingsville Texas for college. She invited me into her family and made me feel like I was not alone in a city where I was just starting out. I can’t say thank you enough to her and her family for showing me so much kindness.

These images were taken during our weekend getaway. She’s so easy to photograph and it was a joy to be able to take her picture.

I hope you enjoy them but more so I hope you find your BB in life.


Peace and Love 






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