Music soothes my Soul

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Time to brag a little bit. There are a few things that I always travel with: my Chapstick, my phone, my wallet, and my iPod. But seeing that I work in an environment where phones and ipods are not allowed in the office; they stay outside and I listen to whatever I can find on youtube, that’s if the connection is any good and I can get through an entire song without it buffering or the if power doesn’t go out.

Those are definitely first world problems however; we never really think about something until it’s gone. At least that’s how it normally goes right? So why am I bragging then you ask? Well because my amazing man surprised me with a gift that was overwhelmingly righteous. It’s not my birthday and it was most definitely not Christmas but nevertheless he decided to surprise me with this gift. He somehow found a REAL Walkman and a Backstreet Boys cassette. But not just any BSB cassette; a European version. He also made me a mix tape, like a legit mix tape, packed with songs for me jam out to at work on a real Walkman. When I opened the box I was shocked that he even found something like this.

For those that know me they’ll understand what this gift means to me. I’m a lover of music, I have an eclectic collection of music ranging from the “no one understands me I’m a teenager Good Charlotte” to “let’s dance in the moonlight smooth jams of Natalie Cole”, and then “salsa dancing with none other than Willie Colon”. I even have your classic AC/DC, Metallica songs for those times where you have the need to rock out during a run. And then there are the country songs you listen to for BBQs and unwinding out on the back porch throwing back a couple of cold ones with the ones you love and dancing the night away.

Of course my collection wouldn’t be complete without my ultimate favorite band of all time…..The Backstreet Boys. Yes, don’t judge me. I currently have about 9 of their albums and now 2 of their cassettes. This has always been my happy music. Fun fact! I have enough Backstreet Boys music to get be from Austin to Kingsville, yup I tried it once. I started listening to their music when I was about 9 years old. I heard them on the radio coming home from school one day and I just really liked their vibe. I joke with Michael and say that if anyone were to make a movie about my life they could do so with all of the Backstreet Boys albums. Their music basically followed me my whole life.

Back in 1999 my parents bought me a radio that had a cassette player attached to it. You could take it out and use it independently which was the cool part. I’ve kept that radio, and still use it today. It’s one of those childhood items that I refuse to part with because it works and frankly I use it quite a bit.

Here comes the bragging. This Walkman and music I received was something I needed and didn’t know it. It’s hard to be away from your loved ones. I tend to put aside the emotional aspect of missing my family and focus on work in order to not think about all the football games I’m missing from my little brother’s senior year of high school (Go Maroons!!), the Sunday breakfasts at my Grandma’s house with the whole family, the adventures at the park with Bandito and most of all the time with my beloved Michael. I take each day as it comes and thank God for giving me another one to live.

Though Michael is now in the same time zone as me; for the most part; we don’t always get to see each other every day. We too wonder when the next time we’ll meet again will be. But with everything going on I tend to put it all of those worries aside and focus on the now in order to meet the mission. This present he sent me was the gesture of kindness reminded me that I need to take time to stop, listen, and relax.

I can play this music at work and when I do I think about the effort he spent picking out each song and recording them just for me. My mind has a chance to relax and enjoy the music. I have the most loving man a girl could ask for. He knows me better than I know myself sometimes and takes care of me when I have started to neglect to enact self care.

I am trying to do better to take time and appreciate the little moments and say my thanks to God for allowing me to do what I enjoy; which is serving my country. Though it can be hectic at times, I know that I am fortunate to have a support system here and back at home. These tapes were a remedy for the madness, a healing to my soul and the best part was that it came from someone who loves me. It’s strange when you receive a gift that you weren’t expecting but somehow it’s exactly what you were needing. It’s as if he knew already what I needed. That right there is magic and God’s grace working.

So today as we embark on the last days of 2017 try to find something that makes you happy, give yourself a break from the rush, the phone calls, the spreadsheets; whatever your madness is. Know that today is a new day for you to conquer another task, to spread kindness to that stranger, kiss your loved one good-bye as they go off to work or spend that extra time with your kids or furbabies. Don’t let the madness sink in.

Peace and Love



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